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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Shows How Good The DCAU Is

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If the first ten minutes of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay doesn’t leave you stunned and impressed, then nothing in this review will. From missions to the double agents and backstabbers, Hell to pay gives a perfect depiction of how Task Force X functions.

But as usual, let’s break it down.

Hell to pay follows the Task Force X (their cooler name) as they try to retrieve a mysterious artifact for their boss, Amanda Waller. However, some of the most dangerous super-villains on earth also have their sights on this object. Including the immortal Tyrant, Vandal Savage.

Suicide Squad:Hell to Pay
The Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)

These days most DC animated movies keep things bloody and grounded. However, Hell to Pay takes an extra step by killing off multiple characters in a short amount of time (which isn’t surprising in a cartoon called Suicide Squad).

But amid all this blood and gore, this R-rated cartoon still makes time for light-hearted comedy and jokes. With characters like Dead-shot and Harley Quinn dropping killer one-liners, despite knowing Waller could blow their heads off at any moment.

Suicide Squad introduces new characters such as Bronze Tiger and Copper Head while giving older ones like Killer Frost a fresh origin.

But it’s Eobard Thawne (A.K.A Reverse-Flash) that steals the show, in ways than one. I didn’t expect to see him here, but I love that Hell to Pay continues his story from FlashPoint.

One disappointment from Hell to Pay was Vandal Savage’s character in general. After his devilish appearance on Young justice, I expected so much more from Savage. But unfortunately, he ends up being just another background character (what a waste).


Suicide Squad Rating

Betrayal, Death, Family, and love these are the qualities that make Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay so real and interesting. And though not everything works, it is still a better watch than the 2016 movie.

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  1. This animation made mad sense…aswear this guys were ducking tasty for power. I give it 8 out of 10

  2. This was honestly one of DC’s best animations….I love the whole mystic part about the ticket and how reverse flash was in a race against time