What Movies are you Watching in October 2019?

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Seriously though, October is stacked with a variety of films and animations to last the entire month. Luckily, your favorite movie bloggers have been slavishly working on compiling a list of critical movies and animations for you to watch this October.

What Movies to Watch In September 2019

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September  is here!!! And with it comes the much-anticipated sequel to Stephen King's IT, as well as the second season of Titans and much more. Here are the September 2019 Movies and Series to watch our for.

What to Watch June 2019

Find out What Movies, Series, or Animations to watch this June. From The fifth season of Black Mirror to Annabelle comes home Dark Phoenix and more.

The Best Animations of 2018

Even without its amazing soundtrack and Comic book like animation, Into the Spider-Verse would still be the best animation of the year.

Big Mouth Season 2 Review: A World Without Shame

Big Mouth follows Andrew, Jessie, and Nick on their hormonal journey to adulthood. But they’re not alone on this long journey through adolescence, the Hormone Monsters (Connie and Maurice) have their backs covered… well Mostly.