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Batman Ninja: A Return to The Basics

After being teleported to ancient Japan, Joker (along with other villains) take over and becomes emperor of the land.

Stripped of his weapons and resources, Batman must rely on his skills and the experience of the Batman family (Alfred, the four robins, and Catwoman) to restore peace and return to present-day Gotham.


From the beginning, until it’s inevitable conclusion, Batman Ninja distinguishes itself with its breath-taking visuals. However, the animated film continued to impress not only with its crazy fighting scenes but also with its introduction of LORD JOKER.


LORD JOKER (Credit: Warner Bros)This version of Joker is no learner with a sword or in combat. Throughout the film, He impressively pushes The Dark Knight to both mental and physical extremes and comes close to ending his life.

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But it’s the film’s final act that will leave both anime and Batman fans at the edge of their seat.
Not only does it show the never-ending struggle The Dark Knight faces, but it also gives the best face-off between Batman and The Clown Prince of Crime.




While Batman Ninja focuses on the dynamic between Batman and Joker, the stories of Other iconic characters (such as Deathstroke, Poison ivy, and other Batman villains) suffers. What starts as a story of greed and betrayal, soon devolves into a ridiculous giant robot fight. One that will leave many casual viewers annoyed (But I guess we can’t have it all).


Batman Ninja is a stunning animation that casts the Dark Knight in a different light. And like Gotham by Gaslight, it returns him to basics.BATMAN NINJA RATING

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