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Final Space (Season 1) Review: A New World

While serving a prison sentence in space. An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying alien called MoonCake, go on an adventure to unlock the mystery of where the universe ends.


Final Space possesses the seriousness we expect in present-day cartoons. But it’s the interconnected stories of betrayal, family, and friends that separates this cartoon from the rest.  And this resulted in heartfelt scenes that almost brought me to tears.

Final Space

Final Space Titan (Credit: TBS)

But asides the emotional aspect, Final Space shows off the breathtaking beauty of space. Introducing us to old concepts and new beings such as Dying Stars, Space Titans, and Wormholes.

However, its scariest trait remains its comedy, which can transition into death and destruction with a change of a sentence. This might be common for shows such as Family Guy and Archer, but for a comedy filled animation where death is final, it can be shocking.

And don’t get me started on the soundtrack. Its Amazing.

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While the fights scenes in Final space have intense consequences, they are nowhere as impressive as the main story-line. And this might leave viewers interested in hardcore space combat very disappointed.

But then again it’s a cartoon.


Final Space offers an emotional journey through the galaxy. And though the action scenes are average, it ranks as one of my best animations of the year.FINAL SPACE


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