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Five Surprises from Game of Thrones Episode 4: The last of the Starks 

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1.   Gendry Baratheon Lord of Storm’s End

Gendry Baratheon Lord of Storm’s End
                                    Gendry Baratheon Lord of Storm’s End (Credit: HBO)

Gendry Purposes to Arya (Credit: HBO)

Ever since we met Gendry back in season one, and fans have speculated whether the last surviving member of house Baratheon would claim his ‘father’s ancestral seat of ‘Storm’s End (Or even the iron throne).
And Last week, we finally got our answer.

In an unexpected but brilliant move, Daenerys legitimizes Gendry as the trueborn son of Robert Baratheon. And named him Lord of Storm’s End. Ensuring that Gendry would be in debt to the Mother of Dragons for the rest of his life (Something that both Tyrion and Sansa Took notice off)

But was more interesting, was seeing the new lord of storms end purposing Marriage to Arya. And what I loved so much about that scene is ‘Arya’s response when she rejects ‘Gendry’s proposal. Because it touches on the true nature of her character. ‘Arya’s a free spirit that can never be chained down. Not by death, not by duty and not by love.

2. Jamie and Brienne

Jamie leaves Brienne

          Jamie leaves Brienne (Credit: HBO)

Some of the best scenes this season have been between Brienne and Jamie.
The connection between these two characters has always been a favorite of mine. And Last week’s episode saw the continuation of their somewhat conflicted relationship.

While I never expected them actually to act on their feelings for each other, I was glad they finally found the courage to do so. (Even though it was for a short period).
Hearing Jamie reflect on the terrible things he’s done for Cersei was sad. Because it showed how prominent she’s been in his life. And why he feels responsible for what she’s become. Even if Jamie doesn’t end up killing Cersei (please D&D), I hope his story ends the way he wished. Dying in the hands of the woman he loves.

3. Dany, Jon, Varys, and Tyrion

Daenerys Begs Jon to keep his identity Secret (Credit : HBO)

Another touching scene of the episode was the moment between Jon and Dany. I legit felt sad when she said she’d never begged for anything in her life (Because it’s true).
Dany has mostly gotten her way with either by force or by inspiring others. However, in Westeros, most people are drawn to Jon’s natural leadership skills and readiness to throw his life for his people.

Varys and Tyrion discuss Treason (Credit: HBO)

And this scares Daenerys because all her life the only thing that kept her going was taking the Iron Throne. And now to be this close to it and have someone who doesn’t even appreciate the gravity if its power takes it from her. It’s frustrating (especially considering she loves Jon).

What was more interesting, was how Varys and Tyrion reacted to the news of Jon’s true identity (something I wish we got from the Stark Sisters). Their treasonous conversation was hands down the best part of the entire episode. It was nice seeing OG Varys making a comeback for one last scheme (I hope it’s worth it).

4. Cersei’s Game Plan

                 Cersei and Euron Greyjoy (Credit: HBO)

Last week we got a glimpse of Cersei’s plan for the Dany and the allied forces. She has made hundreds of more scorpions and even mounted some on the walls of the capital.

But that’s not all.

By pretending to offer protection for the people in the red keep for Kings Landing. Cersei has ensured that should Dany plan on razing the capital to the ground. She will end up killing the good people she plans to rule.

But even with her hostages, her scorpions and Euron’s Iron fleet, I still don’t think we’ve seen the full scope of Cersei’s plan. My theory is that Cersei knows that Dany doesn’t have what it takes to burn King’s landing down. But she’s purposely baiting Dany to try and do it, so that when she hesitates one of Cersei’s scorpions will have a clear shot to kill or ground Drogon.

Unfortunately, we won’t know what Cersei’s actual plan is  until Sunday evening (Monday Morning Over here).

5. Missandei’s Death

Missandei’s Death (Credit: HBO)

Shocking, painful and yet somehow disappointing.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved how Missandei went out telling Dany to fuck King’s landing up. I loved Cersei being cruel enough to kill Missandei just to piss Daenerys off.

What I didn’t like was how convenient that it was Missandei that Euron captured. And let’s not forget poor Rheagal, who deserved a far

Daenerys Charges at Euron’s Iron fleet (Credit: HBO)

much better death than being casually shot down by the Iron Fleet.
But what was even more annoying was that Daenerys, who was flying a bloody dragon. Was somehow caught off guard by a fleet of ships that even people on the ground could have easily seen. How?

This now seems to be a recurring problem with the show. The writers know where they want the story to go, but they have no idea how to get there. So end up taking less than sensible ways to reach their goal.
But with all that being said, I still have faith the show’s last two episodes will not only be grand but also remind us all why we love GOT so much (I just hope I’m not wrong).

 So What do you think? Do you think Daenerys will burn King’s landing down? or Will Cersei come out as the victor of tonight’s Battle? lets us know Down in the comments.

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