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Mission: Impossible Fallout

-“Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I wonder, did you ever choose not to? “

After a Mission goes wrong, Mission: Impossible Fallout finds Ethan Hunt and his IMF team in a race against time to prevent a global catastrophe.


No   Mission Impossible would ever be complete without twists and turns. And Fallout proves to be just as cunning and smart as its predecessors.
Kicking off with an epic opening scene, Fallout goes all out with the classic Mission Impossible tropes of Masks, Double agents and Secret Missions within Secret Missions.

But it’s the stunt work and fight scenes that set Fallout apart from all other action movies. With my favorite being every single scene in Paris. From the three-part chase to the fight in the Men’s room, Fallout’s cinematography never failed to impress.

Mission: Impossible Fallout

Ethan and the IMF Team (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

Similar to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted game series, Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise) is a man with a plan for just about any scenario. No matter how dire or Impossible it might seem.
However, behind every Successful man is a Diligent team, and Ethan’s team proved to be as skilled and indispensable as the man himself.

But setting Aside the Meticulous art of Movie-Making that turned out to be Mission: Impossible Fallout. The fact that all of Ethan Hunt’s stunts were real and done by a 56-year-old Tom Cruise is just amazing.



Despite   its strong opening and breathtaking stunts, Fallout’s story adds nothing new to the Mission Impossible franchise.
Using the same old formula from the earlier films the story follows the IMF being underestimated for the umpteenth time. And Ethan in a race against time to save the world from an apocalyptic disaster.

August Walker (Mission: Impossible Fallout)

August Walker (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

However, it’s the movie’s secondary villain, August Walker ( Henry Cavil) that left me less than excited.
But this wasn’t due to terrible acting or a bad script. But rather because When Compared to Ethan Hunt, Walker was an inferior agent. And therefore unworthy of all the hype the trailers gave him. And while this aspect didn’t kill the movie for me, I expected more from Superman.


From the chase to the fights to the stunts to the plans, Fallout brings back the classic Mission Impossible in an even better way. And while I hope this doesn’t turn into a ten-part series, I respect how the franchise has evolved.

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