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A Quiet Place: The Silent Movie With a Lot To Say


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A Quiet Place follows a family that adopts certain conditions to survive an earth-wide invasion of monsters with hypersensitive hearing.

Despite being a silent film, A Quiet Place has a lot to say. The movie picks up three months after the invasion of the earth and uses crafty mediums, (such as newspaper clippings) to inform the audience about the current state of the world.

Over time, the movie also shows the level of care and precaution the Abbott family takes to outlive the alien apocalypse.

From walking on soft sand to avoid noisy footsteps of using leaves as plates and hands as cutlery. We see that this unique family has a plan for everything (well almost everything).

But all this caution is not without reason, as the threat they hide from is very real. Unlike most thrillers with similar plot points, A Quiet Place delivers a quick and instant death to any false move.

At various points, the movie finds new and exciting ways of each member of the Abbott family in terrible situations. And even without words, you can still feel the gravity of the dilemma each character is faced with.

However, at its core, A Quiet Place is really about two parents trying their best to protect their kids from the new horrors of the world.


A Quiet Place Rating

I never thought ninety-five minutes of silence could leave me both impressed and eager for a sequel. But A Quiet Place manages to accomplish both.

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