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The Biggest Disappointments of 2019

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2019 was an excellent year for cinema. We got some great movies, endured some terrible ones, and were even surprised by exceptional TV Shows and Movies.

However, they were some highly anticipated movies and shows that left us disappointed and empty inside.

And so I wrote this article, not to condemn these power shows, but to criticize certain choices that left me asking WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Here are the Biggest Disappointments of 2019

1. Game of Thrones Season Eight (The White Walkers and Bran Stark)

By now, other critics have overstated why Game of Thrones Season 8 was a massive let down. The showrunners rushed the final season, and this resulted in unfulfilled promises and abrupt changes in character’s stories.

But if you were to ask me what the biggest disappointment of 2019 was, I’d have to pick The Bran Stark and The White Walkers.

Do you even remember what they promised us?

In Hardhome, the show gave us a peek of what was to come. And it was one of the best on-screen Tv massacres of the decade. The White Walkers used the wraiths to invade the settlement and kill most of the wildings while creating new zombies.

But what separates this from the disappointment that was the supposed Long Night, was that The White Walkers go involved. 

They didn’t just sit back and look cool while wraiths did all the work. They got their hands dirty and got shit done

But no matter how pissed I’m at White Walkers, I still feel Bran Stark was the Biggest disappointment of all

I wholeheartedly regret following this character’s story, because it goes nowhere.

And then t add insult to injury, The show-runners dared to tell us through Tyrion, that Bran of all people had a better story. 

Bran? Heck Sam’s girlfriend, Gilly, had a better story. 

After watching the final season of GOT, I think it’s safe to say that Hodor and Theon died for nothing.


2. Glass (Elijah Glass’s Master Plan)

Glass was an Ok movie with one major flaw; it failed to consider the year it came out. 

In 2019, if you post a video of people bending steel and breaking bones on the internet, you will get views, but no one will believe it’s real, especially in this age of photoshopped pictures and deep fakes. 

Even with evidence, people would still call BS.  

All this would happen even if a secret organization whose purpose is to suppress the presence of super-powered people didn’t exist. 

So you would think a man as intelligent as Elijah Glass would have figured this out and come up with a better solution. 

But nope, the smartest villain in M Night Shyamalan’s movie staked his life on a half-baked plan that internet trolls could stop in days.

And then as if that wasn’t bad enough, the movie then proceeds to kill off Bruce Willis’s David Dun by drowning him in a puddle of water, which is the most shameful superhero death of 2019. (Or at least the second, Translucent’s death in The Boys, takes first place)

3. Batman: Hush (The Identity Of Hush)

Let me start by saying that Batman: Hush is not a bad animated film. In fact, the movie mostly stays true to the comic and makes a few brilliant changes. 

However, if there’s one change, most DC fans will never forgive Batman Hush for, and it’s changing the identity of Hush to The Riddler. 


Even if they wanted to keep the story fresh and pull a twist on us, they could have used the Joker instead. Or pick a better character like Bane, whose entire mantra is to break Batman’s will. 

In the comics, it’s revealed that Hush is Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend, Thomas Elliot. Elliot hates the Waynes because Bruce’s Father saved Elliot’s mother from a terminal car crash that would have killed her and given him his family fortune.

But because she survived the accident, he had to suffer growing up under his mentally unstable mother.

And so using his skills as a medical Surgeon, he proceeds to make Bruce Wayne’s life a living hell under the alias, Hush.

But instead of this twisted reveal, we got a drug powered Edward Enigma, whose endgame was just to get noticed by the Top Villains of Gotham (Pathetic).

4. Titans Season 2

Where do I begin?

When DC announced Titans, I was skeptical because I didn’t think they could pull off any of the characters. But then the first season came out, and it was decent. 

It had its issues, but it was ok.

But then fast forward to Season Two, and I was utterly confused.

Who’s story arc are we following? 

The Titans vs. Deathstroke? Starfire vs. Her sister? Superboy Vs. Mercy Graves, and Cadmus laboratory research?

Or were we following Jason’s inability to fit in anywhere? Or Dick’s Journey to becoming Night Wing.

And let’s not even go into Raven, her story arc this season was weird.

By the end of Season Two, I couldn’t even explain what happened, because the entire season felt like several stories cramped into one, rather than one cohesive story with subplots.

And another thing is why does the show’s CGI look so bad? I mean they were times where when I felt that I was watching a CW series rather than frontrunner show of The DC Universe platform.

And with the show heading into its third season, I’m not sure I want to continue the series (Talk less of what story arc to be excited for). However, if Season three creates a more streamlined and focus story, I might try Titans again next year when it returns.

But that’s just my opinion.

5. The Lion King


So I finally saw the Lion King two weeks before finishing this article. And as you can probably guess (mainly because the movie is on this list), the film didn’t impress me. 

One of the best things about the 2019 remake of The Lion King is getting to relive this iconic story with beautiful visuals. And while watching the movie, I almost cried from all the flooding memories of the 1994 animation. 

But when I saw it the second time I noticed something, this entire movie reminds me of the 1994 animated Movie.
The entire movie is just a shot for shot remake of the original animation, with little to nothing new added.

And what’s worse is that all the emotions that came with the classic animated film aren’t present in this film.

I will, however, give credit to voice actors, they did their best to provide these iconic characters life, and sometimes, it worked. However, in most situations, the emotional scenes just fell flat because the lifelike CGI lions couldn’t express the same emotions as animated counterparts.

An excellent example of this problem is when Simba finds his dad dead, JD McCrary (who voices young Simba) does a great job expressing his character’s pain and distraught. 

But that scene isn’t as impactful as the animated movie, due to the lack of emotions on Simba’s face.

And so this movie left me asking one question, Why? 

Why remake a solid animated movie in a live-action format, if you can’t even make it as good as the original. 
What was the point of this film? (Besides cashing out people’s childhoods).

But then again, it’s the same Disney that just released a live-action version of The Lady and The Tramp. So I’m not that surprised.

6. The Umbrella Academy

Yup, I’m sure you forgot this came out in 2019. And I can’t blame you. The Umbrella Academy is an excellent example of a sound source material adapted poorly.

I mean, out of everyone’s story arc, only Five’s (and eventually Anya’s) story seemed interesting. The rest just grew boring after episode two.

I think the major issue I had with the series was that it took its time to get to the point. And when it finally got there, it ended in a very unsatisfying (and in some ways boring) manner.

But then again, that’s just my opinion.

7. Angel Has Fallen

This one is personal. 

But I didn’t put Angel Has Fallen on this list because I expected something epic. From the minute I heard this was coming out, I knew It would be terrible.

I placed it on this list, however, because it’s sad to see how far this movie series has fallen (pun intended). 

When Olympus has fallen came out, it was an impressive display of action storytelling. It showed the odds one determined man had to overcome to protect his friend and country.

But then, someone thought that turning that good film into a franchise while changing nothing would be a great idea. And that’s how we got the “The has fallen” movie franchise.

However, the most infuriating aspect of all this is that the story and plot structure of these movies are always the same. Nothing ever changes.

The target is always the president. A close friend betrays Micheal Banning, and there’s almost always a mole in the system

But no matter how bad this franchise gets, I will always remember the solid action movie that was Olympus has fallen.

4 thoughts on “The Biggest Disappointments of 2019”

    1. Yh Hush was good. But if you’ve the read comic you’ll understand my frustration with the whole Riddler is Hush thing.

      What 2019 release disappointed you?

    1. I know right, I expected so much more, especially from Game of Thrones. But I guess what’s done is done.
      However, I’d like to ask, What was your biggest Movie, Tv-Series, or Animation disappointment in 2019?

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