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Inception Review

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Inception sees film legend, Leonardo DiCaprio star as Dominic Cobb, an expert thief who specializes in extracting information from his target’s subconscious. But when fate gives Cobb a chance to escape his past, this skilled crook must now find a way to achieve the inverse and plant an idea into his target’s mind.

Inception wastes no time introducing the audience to the rules of the dream world. The movie uses fantastic visual scenes to break down concepts key to the plot in the simplest way possible. It then builds on these to create the idea that is “Inception.”

Inception World

The mission itself appears simple enough.

Cobb and his crew infiltrate their target’s mind and implant an idea into his subconscious. And once their target wakes from his dream, he will unknowingly do their bidding. But as the crew of Inception later explain, things are not that as simple.

But would you expect anything less from a Christoper Nolan Movie?

However, Inception isn’t all about implanting ideas into people’s minds (that would be weird). Its side plot shows how fast-acting and dangerous a false belief can be, how it can grow to either define a person or destroy them.


Inception's Rating

Despite the multiple layers of its story, Inception distinguishes itself from other science fiction through Crafty storytelling, beautiful visual effects, and stunning performances.

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