The Biggest Disappointments of 2019

2019 was an excellent year for cinema. However, they were some highly anticipated pieces of cinema that left us disappointed. And so here are the Biggest Disappointments of 2019

The Best Surprises of 2019 Cinema

The Best TV And Film Surprises of 2019

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2019 is the year that brought along Tv shows, Movies and Trailers we never knew we wanted. So here are The Best Surprises of 2019.

What Are You Watching In November 2019?

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Yes we’re in November, and yes November comes with yet another Terminator Movie (but this one actually seems Good). But asides Arnold coming back ( again), November actually features a lot of promising Movies (Especially on Netflix).

Terminator Dark Fate Is A Surprisingly Good 2019 Action Movie

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Terminator Dark Fate is a good 2019 Action Movie that tries to remind fans of the glorious days of the Terminator franchise. And while it’s not enough to restore interest in the Terminator franchise, it does make Dark Fate Worth checking out.

What Movies are you Watching in October 2019?

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Seriously though, October is stacked with a variety of films and animations to last the entire month.
Luckily, your favorite movie bloggers have been slavishly working on compiling a list of critical movies and animations for you to watch this October.

What Movies to Watch In September 2019

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September  is here!!! And with it comes the much-anticipated sequel to Stephen King’s IT, as well as the second season of Titans and much more.
Here are the September 2019 Movies and Series to watch our for.

What to Watch June 2019

Find out What Movies, Series, or Animations to watch this June. From The fifth season of Black Mirror to Annabelle comes home Dark Phoenix and more.

Seven reasons why April 2019 is the Best Month for Cinephiles and TV lovers

While movies have had a slow start in 2019, it seems things are finally picking up with the arrival of Captain Marvel and the new end game trailer. However, what’s even more interesting is the overstacked line up of films and Tv shows next month. Here are seven reasons why April 2019 is the best month for Cinephiles to be alive.

The Most Disturbing Movies of 2018

2018 saw the release of some of the most disturbing Movies I’ve ever seen. However, this doesn’t mean that any of the listed films were terrible  (in fact some of them are the best of 2018), but rather that they combine unique story telling with extremely graphic content.

Creed II Review: Creed Vs Bane

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Under the guidance of his mentor Rocky Balboa, Heavyweight Champion Adonis Creed prepares for the showdown of his life. As he goes head to head against Victor Drago, the son of Russian boxer Ivan Drago, who murdered Adonis’s Dad years back in a terrible fight.

Upgrade Movie Review

When a brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralysed and his wife dead, Grey’s world is crushed. However, his luck changes when a billionaire inventor offers him an experimental cure in the form of a body-implant called STEM.
STEM not only returns Grey to his feet but also upgrades him with superhuman strength and agility, which he then uses to seek-out the men that destroyed his life.

Mission: Impossible Fallout

After a Mission goes wrong, Mission: Impossible Fallout finds Ethan Hunt and his IMF team in a race against time to prevent a global catastrophe.

Interstellar Movie Review

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With the world coming to an end, Interstellar follows a group of space explorers tasked by NASA to investigate three potential life-sustaining planets and find a new home for humanity.