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Mind Blowing Movies

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Movies

Every now and then I see a movie and wonder, ”What the Hell did I Just watch?” Here are the Top Five movies guaranteed to blow your mind.

Movie Review: Why I Love Interstellar

[dropcap]With [/dropcap] the world coming to an end, Interstellar follows a group of space explorers tasked by NASA to investigate three potential life-sustaining planets and find a new home for humanity.

Inception Review

Inception sees film legend, Leonardo DiCaprio star as Dominic Cobb, an expert thief who specializes in extracting information from his target’s subconscious.

Why You Should Watch Annihilation

Annihilation follows a group of military scientists who enter a mysterious wall of light called “The shimmer.” With the intention of discovering the motives behind the strange anomaly