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-“It’s not destroying.  It was making something new”

Annihilation follows a group of military scientists who enter a mysterious wall of light called “The shimmer.” With the intention of discovering the motives behind the strange anomaly.



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From the minute the all-woman team stepped into “The Shimmer,” the laws of nature went into a trashcan somewhere. From characters morphing into plants to animals merging with people, Annihilation is a movie packed with lots of surprises.
But asides the Mind-Blowing sh*t that goes down in this film, Annihilation’s characters and concepts also standout. And this is all thanks to the stunning performance from its cast. Most especially Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Lena, who turns out to be a deeply flawed character.

As the story progresses, we learn each member’s grave reason for volunteering for this suicide mission. And this feeds into the movie’s theme about how self-destruction is a part of human nature.

The movie also questions the way we as people interpret “Evil.” As we later discover “The Shimmer” doesn’t intend on destroying humanity but instead wants to create something new. And this is because (similar to how a spider eats a fly to survive), it is in its nature to do so.
And while I am obviously not Pro-alien, the amount of thinking the movie provoked did impress me.


Like  Arrival, Annihilation gives a different Perspective to the motives of foreign visitors from space. And while it is a weird movie, its plot, accompanied by the strong performance from its Cast makes it one of the best movies on Netflix.Annihilation rating

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