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Interstellar Movie Review

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-“Do not go gentle into that good night…”

With the world coming to an end, Interstellar follows a group of space explorers tasked by NASA to investigate three potential life-sustaining planets and find a new home for humanity.


Straight off the bat we are told and shown that the earth can no longer sustain human life. From global food shortages to long sand storms suffocating the earth’s populace, it’s obvious the earth is tired of humanity.

I was impressed by the government’s response to the impending apocalypse.  Rather than let society fall into chaos, they redirected technology and other resources to meet the high demand for food. And kept operations such as NASA running in the background.

The real fun starts when our heroes leave earth to the new galaxy and discover many fascinating surprises. Including a giant black hole named Gargantua and its interesting effects on two of the three planets.


The “Gargantua” black hole (Credit: Warner Bros)

But besides stunning visuals, the movie’s best feature remains the fierce bond between Joseph Cooper and his daughter Murph. This bond fuels the entire movie and empowers characters to push through impossible odds to reach their goals.



Believe it or not, this movie could have been better. I had a difficult time grasping certain concepts (even after seeing it three times). And that Tesseract scene in the penultimate act just blew my mind away. But I guess wouldn’t be a Christopher Nolan movie if by the end your head is still intact.


Despite its infamy for messing with minds, Interstellar tells a compelling story powered by its wonderful cast of actors and stunning visual effects. And this saves it from being another generic Sci-fi film.INTERSTELLAR RATING


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