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Why You Should Watch HBO’S Euphoria

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Zendaya (Euphoria)


First off, let me begin by saying how happy I am that Zendaya has found her footing in the film industry.
From Marvel’s Spider-Man Franchise to Greatest Showman and now Euphoria, I’m looking forward to seeing her in future Films and series.

But back to the article, Why Should You Watch Euphoria?


Euphoria follows the troubled teenage life of Rue (Zendaya), a drug addict fresh from rehab with no plans to stay clean.
However, Rue isn’t the only one struggling to get their act together.

There’s Jules, a transgender girl searching for where she belongs in society. We

Rue,Cassie, Lexi and Kat (Euphoria)

Rue,Cassie, Lexi and Kat

also have Kat, a body-conscious teen exploring her sexuality.
And then there’s Nate, a football star, whose anger issues masks his sexual insecurities.

And this brings me to one of the many appeals of Euphoria.

The series cleverly uses each episode to dive into a different character and shows how their unique issues shape their lives.
Through this, we as the audience, can not only see ourselves in the cast. But we’re also allowed to understand how twisted characters like Nate became so bent.


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But while Euphoria follows multiple story-lines, Rue’s battle with drug addiction remains the core plot. And let me repeat this, Zendaya kills this role.
She flowed so naturally with Rue’s character that sometimes I felt she just playing herself rather than acting.

Rue during Her Breakdown (Euphoria)

Rue during Her Breakdown

However, when the story required emotions, Zendaya brought it.
Her breakdown in episode 3 where she was begging her dealer for drugs was a heart-wrenching moment I feel most us of can relate too. And I say this because, at some point, we’ve all wanted something (or someone) we knew would eventually destroy us.




But let’s talk about Music.

Euphoria’s soundtrack is on a league of its own.
The producers truly captured the Euphoric feeling with every soundtrack and then used it to draw us deeper into this world and its complexity (Don’t worry though we’ve got you covered).



I had a great time decoding Euphoria and its various messages. It was an interesting experience Euphoria's Ratingthat got me to reflect on some habits and attempt to make a change. And who knows it might help you too.


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